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Default Chip Install

Installing a chip, is not too difficult. Hhere are some step by step instructions that should make a job a little easier. Allow 90 - 120 minutes if this is your first time. I can do one and put back together in about it is not too bad.

DISCONNECT THE BATTERY AND HIDE THE CAR KEYS BEFORE STARTING THIS PROJECT. Don't let anyone go near the ignition with the keys.

1 - Remove the passenger side door sill plate.

2 - Then, remove the passenger side kick plate. There is one plastic rivet holding it in place. Remove and pull out of the way.

3 - Once the kick plate is removed the computer and wire harness will be exposed. The computer is a flat metal box. To remove the computer, you will need to move some electrical wires out of the way, and remove all screws that are holding the plastic braket in place. This bracket holds the computer.

4 - At the bottom of the computer is a larger sized nut. This nut holds the wire harness to the computer. Lossen the nut with a ratchet. I believe it is about 11 mm or close to that. Lossen the nut and pull the harness straight down off the computer.

5 - Once removed, you can now drop the computer down. Do so, and then pull it out. It will be a little tricky to remove.

6 - Remove the 6 - 8 screws that hold the cover on the computer. Pull the cover off. This will expose the inside. Be carefull not to get dirt or water inside.

7 -Refer to the instructions that came with the chip. The chip simply gets pushed into the terminals. Before you do this, carefully follow the instructions for cleaning the terminals. There is a plastic type material on the terminals to keep them from corroding. This material needs to be removed or the chip will not make contact and will not work. You can use the green pad that came with the chip and/or nail polish remover. All the coating must be removed. Don't get carried away. If so, the terminals will turn copper in color. You want to minimize this from taking place. You need to clean the front and back sides.

8 - Once the terminals are cleaned, install the chip and place the cover back on. Use electrical tape to cover up the hole on the compter box (you will know what I am talking about).

9 - Be sure to install the switch (if there is one) and wire to the chip before completing the installation.

10 - Re-install the computer box. It will be tricky to push back into place. When installing the wire harness, be careful to not bend any of the prongs in the harness. To prevent this, you will need to push it straight up from the bottom and NOT at an angle.

11 - Before closing everything back up but after the chip and harness are back together, re-connect the battery and start the car. If the car starts, then everything should be fine. If you are not making good contact anywhere, the car won't start.

12 - Complete the installation of the plastic cover and door sill. And install the switch. Mine is installed in the lighter using a specially designed switch plate.
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