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Trans ID

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Default Trans ID

Hi everyone. First off, I have a 2001 v6 with a T5 5spd. I stumbled upon some threads around the internet discussing which specific transmission they have (WC or NWC, Borg Warner or Tremec), and apparently the stamped ID tag on the trans is the only surefire way to know for sure. I looked mine up and all the T5 ID lists came back with numbers beginning with 1352, and my tag is completely different. The whole tag is as follows:

1R33-7003-BA REP BF
TTET1544 18424 A1012

Could anyone help me id this trans and figure out why it's not even on the T5 lists? Thanks

The reason I even care is that I may need a trans rebuild soon (5th gear synchro is going among other things) and I want to know what parts fit.

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Able to find out that it's definitely a Tremec, by the company stamp on the side of the shifter housing. Obvious assumption I guess, since Borg Warner sold to Tremec well before my model year....now I just need to figure out if it's a World Class or not.

Also don't understand why Tremec rated it at 220 ft/lbs, since that's the torque of the 3.8. Seems like they would want a higher torque rating than the engine as a safety buffer. Anybody have thoughts on that?
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The easiest way to distinguish if it's a world class or not is to look at the bearing retainer where the throwout bearing rides. If it's steel, then it's a world class. Standard models are aluminum. I'm guessing it's in your car so have someone push the pedal down and hold it while you remove the cover at the clutch fork and look inside the bellhousing. If you can't tell visually, stick a magnet in there. Aluminum isn't magnetic. The only surefire way to know anything is to open it up and see what's inside.

Some people have argued with me that all Mustangs came with a world class transmission because they read it in a book I guess. I used to rebuild these things for a living and it's simply not true. From my experience, all the five liter cars from around '91 had a world class. Besides the bearing retainer, the first gear ratio was also different. 2.95:1 for the WC vs. 3.35:1 for the regular. My '84 Mustang had this aluminum retainer and lower ratio first gear behind it's V8 so that alone proves that the above theory is wrong.

I've also installed and used quite a few Tremec TR3550s and TKOs. This is why I dislike people saying "I've got a Tremec" because it's stamped on the side of their T5. No, you have a T5, it's a big difference. A 25 pounds worth of extra metal and a much higher torque rating difference. The 3550 was the '95 Cobra R transmission while the TKO was basically the same with a 26 spline input and 31 spline output shafts vs the standard 10 and 28. I forget the torque ratings on these as it's been years since I've left that business but, I know it was over 400 for the 3550 and 500 or more for the TKO. Speaking of torque ratings, where did you get that 220 from? I'm not certain but, I doubt that the 4 cylinder model was rated that low.

I remember the T5's torque capacity as it was built for an '87 model 5.0 was 300 lbs-ft. Remember that's not a WC which was supposedly 335. And as far as a "safety buffer", the stock torque rating on an '87 5.0 Mustang was 300. Install a K&N filter and you have now exceeded the torque capacity of the transmission. And people wondered why they would split in half after 14 passes down the strip with slicks and nitrous.
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Thank you for your reply. First off the info I'm working with comes from various t5 specialty sites, tremec's site, and the local Ford dealer. In the trans id tag on the second row is the id I was told to provide when I asked these various sources about the issue: TTET1544. Here's the link to my trans id I found on Tremec's site:


In the first list, second from the bottom is my trans. It supposedly has the 3.35:1 first gear ratio, as well as the listed torque as 220.

As far as opening it up to see the bearing retainer, can it be seen by opening the clutch cable inspection cover or do I need to unbolt trans from the engine to see it? (I found that another way to tell a WC is by the countergear bearing near the bearing retainer, WC is a Timken tapered race, the NWC is plain) True?

I only said it was a tremec because as far as I know they are the only manufacturer of the T5s for the v6s. I'll try and dig into it and see what I can find...
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