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Old 05-18-2006, 03:15 PM
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Default Political Forum Rules: Read Before Posting Anything

1) I am the ultimate judge and jury in this particular forum. If I don't like the direction a thread is taking, consider your thread closed. I am the only moderator of this forum. Don't like my decision, tough cookies. Super Moderators and Moderators have no say in this.

2) Keep the debates intelligent and ON TOPIC. If you find the need to make a new thread about a new issue, do so. Don't clutter things up.

Enforcement on this will be a three strike system. Strike 1 is a warning, Strike 2 is a 3-Day Ban, Strike 3 is a Permaban.

3) In this sub-forum, there are no personal attacks allowed. Namecalling being the most common of those kind of attacks. I discourage this kind of activity as it is useless, and only serves to drive people away from the forum who honestly wish to debate and discuss issues.

Enforcement on this will be a three strike system. Strike 1 is a warning, Strike 2 is a 3-Day Ban, Strike 3 is a Permaban.

4) Extremist/Racist Posts:

In order to keep things in order there are rules that must be observed so that forum members do not abuse each other in their passion for their issue or ideology. One of these rules regards Extremist Rhetoric. Blanket statements condemning an entire demographic will not be tolerated. Threads posted for such reasons will be locked. A blantant post directed at a selected group for personal attributes, (I.E. Religious beliefs, Physical, Mental, Color, etc...) will probably result in being banned from the site.

Enforcement of this rule is a 2 Strike Rule. 1st A Warning, then A Permaban.

5) If other issues arise:

I reserve the right to automatically ban a violating forum member for as long a period as I seem fit depending on the offense.

6) Personal Information:

I cannot and will not be held liable for any information you offer about yourself to others. Please be responsible with your personal information.

6) If you have any questions on why a thread was closed or why you were banned, direct it to me, not any of the other SM's or Mod's of the forum. They wont be able to help you.

Remember everyone, this forum is for INTELLIGENT (I KNOW this is hard for some of you) discussion. Just about any and all topics are valid here. If we can all play nice, this should be a very interesting addition to the MustangBoards.com community.

These rules are subject to be edited and will be STRICTLY enforced by ME. ALL USERS (including SM's and Moderators) are bound by these rules.
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