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Default Classified Rules! Read This Before Posting!

Ok, the other thread is getting a bit cluttered with posts. Therefore, lets clean some things up a bit with a new sticky shall we?


1 - We would like to see pictures of the product being sold, this is not mandatory, but we recommend it. This gives the buyer a chance to see the item and what it looks like, and can provide for a smoother transaction.

2 - *UPDATED RULE* We would PREFER you to list a price on the items that you are selling, HOWEVER, it is no longer required. Please keep in mind that that rule was designed to keep low balling away from those who are selling their items. If this becomes a problem, we will enforce this rule again.

3 - NO adverse comments about someone's listed price unless you are making an offer. First offence is a warning, second is a temp ban.

4 - Please indicate SOLD after your part has been sold. Either edit your first post letting everyone know the product has been sold, or contact a mod and let us know so we can close the thread.

5 - Discussions about what something is worth should be in THE LOUNGE, not in the persons thread. This goes along with number 3. If you disagree with what the person is asking for the item, perhaps it would be best to send them a PM and attempt to bargain with them. Flaming on this will NOT be tolerated and will result in a ban.

6 - If a thread has had no activity for the past 30 days then it will be deleted. This includes ANY unsold items.

7 - Buyer Beware! MustangBoards and the MustangBoards Forums team are NOT responsible for a transaction going sour and your money getting ripped off. The mods of the forums will do the best we can to stop any fraudulent transactions if we think something is fishy, but in the end it is up to you, the user, to figure out whether or not the buyer is a legit seller.

8 - I will conduct 3rd Party Services if it is requested, for a small fee, normally around $5-10, depending on the item. A 3rd Party service basically comes down to this: You are interested in buying the item but are concerned of the quality of the item, if everything is there, etc etc. The buyer and seller can work out an agreement for shipping and can have the items sent to me. Upon receipt of the items and verifying everything is there. The money can then be sent over to the seller, and the items would then leave my possession and go to the buyer. If you would like this service, PM me.

9 - *UPDATED RULE* Product being sold must be in the seller's possession. You cannot sell pre-orders or drop-ship items. Doing so will result in your post being deleted. The ONLY exception to this is a group buy. Please clear these by me before posting them.

10 - Selling items other than car parts is permitted in classifieds for MB Forums members. Its a cheaper alternative to ebay and you don't have to go and take a trip down to the pawn shop.

12 - Do not spam the forum with 15 different items that have no corralation to each other in an attempt to sell them. This is a company forum, not the springboard so that you can start your business on someone elses dime. If you have any questions on this, PM me.

13 - *UPDATED RULE* You MUST have atleast 200 posts before you can list an ad. If you do not have 200 it will be closed and or deleted right away. This is for the protection of our forum members. After all, we would prefer you join the community and post around before you try and sell stuff. Let people learn who you are, it will almost always make your transaction go smoother.

14-No ebay links allowed. Either post it for sale here or don't. If they need it that badly they can search on ebay for it. Any post with ebay links will be deleted.

That's all for now. Happy Shopping MB-Mart Shoppers!

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