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Old 12-26-2014, 11:19 PM
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Default 4.6 DOHC?

Hey everyone, hope everyone had a good Christmas. I have an issue thats been confusing me for the last few weeks.
Ive owned my '01 GT convertible since '08. During that time I havent been able to do any mods t it like I would like to do because of living check to check and paying the car off I just never had the extra $ to put into it. Anywho, Ive always been under the impression that it has a 4.6 SOHC. Thats what everything i have ever read about my year and model says it has. I did read that the Cobras of the same year were equipped with a DOHC. Every time Ive looked under my hood Ive always thought mine looked like a DOHC but any time Ive just asked anyone about it they immediately tell me that it would have to be a SOHC because GTs werent made with DOHC that year. So with them telling me that, along with all the info Ive read about the car, I just accepted that it was a SOHC. Meanwhile, I recently had to have my timing chains, guides, tensioners, sprockets, pulley, and chain cover replaced and when i gave the parts to my mechanics (35 yrs exp), they called me back and said i had gotten the wrong cover, they said the cover i got was for a SOHC and mine is a DOHC. This really confused me due to all the previous info i had read and been told about it being SOHC. After i got the correct cover my mechanic finished the work and then showed me why the other cover wouldnt work and pointed out that it is in fact DOHC. I even had another mechanic confirm this as well. I then contacted a friend of mine who has the same year and model and we popped his bood and it appears to be the same as mine therefor that ruled out the possibility of it not being the original. So basically my question is; Why does all the info on the car that Ive read along with what everyone has told me suggest that its an SOHC when apparently its a DOHC? Thanks in advance for any answers that help clear this up.
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