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Default Track Day at Mongomery AL 10th October..

Event will be held at Montgomery Motorsports Park on Oct 10th, 2009. This is our annual track rental but there will be a True Street and Quick 8 competition in the middle of the day (at no extra charge to racers).
All are welcome to come race or watch. If you have never been to one of our events please come check it out. You will not be disappointed.

Edit.. I would like to clarify that the True Street and Quick 8 race is something extra that will be going on about an hour or so during the day. Rest of the day will be like a normal track rental
Racer entry fee: $65 (prepay by Sept 30th please)
Spectator fee: $10 per person over the age of 12 (pay at the gate)

Racer prepayment-
Please send a moneyorder to:
Lee Fulmer
301 Woodvale Ave
Weaver, Al, 36277

Paypal $68 to [email protected] (this includes the paypal fee)

True Street rules
1.No tube chassis
2. No ladder bars suspension
3. DOT Tire ET Street, ET Drag Radial, Quick Time Pros etc..
4. Mufflers, no open headers, Turbo not required a muffler, down pipe behind front tires.
5. Lic and registration
6. Interior, dash, not sheet metal, at least 2 seats in the front, no stripped car.
7. If you running pretty fast, at least use a helmet and a jacket, common sense here guys.
8. We are going to drive around inside the track 10 times starting at the staging lanes through the return lane, once that's completed we will wait at the staging lanes. No one can open their hoods, pull into the pits change nitrous bottles or put ice in the water coolers, turbo cars, and no lap tops either. You can take air out of the tires but can not air them up. No Battery recharging.
9. Once all 3 rounds are done, then everyone goes back to the pits and we will tabulate and announce who are the winners of the 8, -15 ets. Then we will announce the top Q8 meaning the fastest 8 cars. Then we will put them in a ladder, example: 1runs 8, 2 runs 7 etc.. Heads up .400 tree. We will give time between rounds to the Q8 for changes and getting ready for the next round.
10. Minitubs allowed
11. You are running to get as close to your et, example you do 3 passes, 12.07, 12.12 and 11.99, your average is 12.06, if no one gets closer than that you are the winner of the 12 et.
13. The Tree will be a .400 for the True Street, so do not go red, you'll get a 24second penalty. Those of us that have run True Street you know what I'm explaining here.

List of sponsors:
Quick 8:
XXX Motorsport
Thansk Brad.
True Street:
Thanks: Matt.
Induction Solutions
T Shirts
Thanks Steve Johnson
BGG Performance, trophy's for the 8 sec through 15 sec s
Thanks GI Joe
R.A.C.E thanks Ricky
Jegs, thanks Andy.



Wickdgt Paid
2slow4u (Cheo) Paid
Italian LX Commited
EHardy1971 Paid
Rtusnake Paid
97cobrasvt Paid
EZ Speed Commited
Coupe Commited
Daniel Commited
Riot Paid
Carlos Commited
96 Viper

88mm rocket Commited
evo2ls1 Paid
Brandon Commited
David Claflin paid
Terminator03 Paid
streatleathul Paid
Foxrod Commited
Schism Paid
Chase Jordan

SN95Fox Paid
fred50stang Paid
Stripes Paid
Garry Bullock payment pending
The Notch payment pending

BGG Performance:
GI Joe Paid
Eric Brooks Commited
Turbo Pete Paid
HrtBrkrracing X2 cars
GI Joe Jr Paid
Quickred99 Commited
Deano Paid
asilver2001gt Paid

RunningRed 2 cars Paid
GTS*Jason Paid

Hunter02SS Paid
John Norris Commited

Street car forums

True street, this is the payout sponsor by

True street Overall winner gets
75.00 plus trophy, Top 4 get T shirt from Induction Solutions
75.00, runner up
60.00, for 10.00 winner
60.00, for 11.00 winner
50.00, for 12.00 winner
50.00, for 13.00 winner
40.00, for 14.00 winner
40.00, for 15.00 winner

Total 450.00

Then Q8 payout sponsored by XXX Motorsports
1st place 250.00 plus a Trophy from R.AC.E
2nd place 150.00 plus a trophy from R.A.C.E
3rd place 50.00
4th place 50.00

Total 500.00
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