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Best Bang for the Buck, Yeah, That Thread.

Old 12-19-2010, 12:27 PM
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Default Best Bang for the Buck, Yeah, That Thread.

I typically hate these kinds of threads, but I fell like I need a little guidence from thoes who have been there or experienced the various modifications I'm considering. I am trying to decide what to do to the car with around $250. The car has the modifications in the sig, a torque arm waiting to go on, plus some minors not listed. I am pretty close to being done with suspension or it would be an easy choice. I'm not getting a K-member or A-arms soon. The only unknown variable is what I may be getting for Christmas, and how my cracked front clip issue will end up.

Some of the things I'm considering: -Throttle body and Plenum, small gain (if any) but at least I will have it done and no more desire to get them.
-Some general maintneance on the car, such as a new 3rd brake light (or sand it) as mine is getting some UV damage, re-doing my headliner which is weird due to the sunroof.
-New mid pipe (X-pipe), I'll probably be cutting up the exhaust due to the Tq. arm, but I should do the exhaust all at the same time with headers, mid pipe, and cat back. I want a little different sound.
-Try to find a deal on a Steeda wing, just becuase I want it.
-Save it for some track time (probably the best choice)
-Something I'm not thinking of.

I'd like to get my hood painted with the sides black some day, a 99/01 Cobra bumper, and the steeda wing appearance wise. The car will stay N/A so saving for a power adder isn't an option. I'd like for the car to be a little faster, so best bang for the buck is the focus on that end.
Old 12-19-2010, 03:45 PM
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well breathing is the main thing to keep in mind and also weight depnding on how serious you want to go. but you cand start with your exhaust i know i liked it when i did! i dont know what your state emmisions is like but i went with an O/R x-pipe and flowmaster catback exhaust.

other options to grab would be

1. aluminum driveshaft (lighter weight lets the motor spin up faster)
2. aluminum fly wheel ( id grab that when its time to replace your clutch. again lighter weight faster the motor spins )
3. gears
4. air intake if not done already
5. then a set of heads and the typhoon intake TB, Plenum! ( thats where them money will be spent )
i dont recommend the TB and plenum till then as you prob wont notice the gains. just my opinion ask around though maybe someone might know better.

doing your exhaust and gears will allow you to have fun with the car!

Good Luck!
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Thanks. I've got gears and and a JLT intake. I do need to do some weight reduction. The car will be right around 3400lbs when the torque arm gets installed. I was actually reading up on aluminum flywheels the other day. When it's time I think I will be going with a Spec stage 1, alum. flywheel and a FRPP alum. driveshaft, just not time to tear into all that right now.
Old 12-19-2010, 05:09 PM
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Id say Xpipe since you mentioned you would be cutting it up to install the TQ arm. To me, replacing the xpipe goes along with the TQ arm job since you are cutting the your 250 should be spent on completion of a mod you have already started IMO.
Old 12-19-2010, 05:52 PM
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Out of your posted options I'd say just save the money.. It would also help to know the direction you want to take with the car.. I know you had talked about wanting a Termi, has that changed or was it just wishful thinking?

Plenum/TB are OK mods, but if you ever want to do a different intake/ heads etc to keep the car N/A and make more power you'll just be spending the money again on new stuff especially if you go with any kind of an intake that switches you over to the cobra/bullitt setup.

Personally I'd either save the money or go for the wing and getting the hood painted, those would go a long way with the appearance of the car.
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