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Default Percocet overnite shipping percocet 10/325 side effects buy Percocet pharmacy

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As far as you panic attacks are concerned, you have no reason to feel this is out of the ordinary while using percocet. A lot of people have anxiety issues and when you are not drinking or taking a narcotic you body is physically able to fight these feelings off. Once you have taken a significant amount of a narcotic for a reasonable amount of time, you body puts up a wall, that even a paniac attack cant get through. So the next day when you arent continuing the same does of the narcotic your body is weak so you are feeling every single pania attack. I had really bad paniac attack a year ago. I went to see a counselor to get control of them. It took me getting on an antidepressant to control them. But about for months ago I was controling them on my own I stopped the medication. I got a really bad infection a few months ago and was hospitilized for 3 days and had surgery. They day I left the hospital I had mini panic attacks just like you and the couns. explained that your body puts up a wall while your on them and when you come off you body is in shock. I hope this helps you gotta find what works for you..The best thing I can suggest studying psycholgy excercise in the am and it will set the mood for the day. I almost gurantee if you do this 3 times a week ur paniac attacks will be under control..

No. They are 1/2 the potency of the 1000.
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Hello Proudwife, As I stated before, I had a small discussion with my MD about percoet5/325. He pretty much confrimed what Mr. Verwon stated. Most MD's do not like to prescribe Percocet unless the pain is almost embearable. Taking to much or too many can cause liver damage, and are highly addictive. Since I told him about my bout with pain in my shoulder when I stopped taking them for about a day, he prescribed Viccodine5/325 which isn't as strong but still very addictive. Nonetheless, they seem to be working well for me. I only have 8 more to take before my surgury. Hopefully, I will done with taking any meds at all. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I have found this discussion very helpful in controlling this medication. Good Luck to you all.

No. They are 1/2 the potency of the 1000.
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