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Default Dimnensions of V6

First, I thank the mod(s) for the happy birthday even though it is automated. It motivated me to come over here for some help.
While it is it possible I will buy a 2015 Turbo 4cyl Mustang and I already have a turbo 2.3 in a not quite yet running MGB project, I don't own a mustang. HOWEVER, I am absolutely obsessed with putting the V6 (2011-2014) with a Tremec 6 speed in my Nissan Z31. To my knowledge, this swap has not been done. A little background: The Z came to me as an extraordinarily sound car that had sat in a driveway for a fair number of years. I've spent some considerable amount restoring it.......except for he engine. I have no special desire for it to be stock. I've already done some after market stuff like steering wheel, radio, interior. I want more power but I want economy too. The Mustang can get close to 30 mpg on the highway. The Z with that 300+ hp will be an amazing sleeper. I have found the dimensions of the Z underhood and the Tremec 6-speed. What I am missing is the dimensions of the Mustang V6. I am as certain as I can be that the engine will fit without a lot or maybe any cutting but it would be great to get the measurements and KNOW for sure before buying a wrecked car. Any help?
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