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Rare Fox 09-11-2016 12:04 PM

1989 5.0 Oil gage replacement
On my 1989 McLaren I tried to replace my oil gage with an replacement by pulling off the arrows to remove the gage and did the same on my gas gage not realizing I didn't have to on the gas gage. Reinstalling them I pressed the arrows back on. Now when I start my car neither gage works except a little movement when I start the car. Did I ruin them by the pressure of pulling off and pressing on the arrows? My mechanic already changed the switch to verify that it wasn't the problem before he said it was the gage. Since my gas gage worked before I removed the arrows, I am most likely the reason it doesn't work also now. I am thinking I now need to buy a third dash cluster and remove the oil and gas gages together only at the glued seem on the black face as to not disturb the arrows. Any ideas and are there repair manuals better than Chiltons which I find not informing enough.Thanks

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